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Our History

UTSE, the Crown-Spiritual Center of the human


It all started in 1971.My parents from Tibet Settled in Thamel, Kathmandu bringing with them family Tibetan food recipes and an adventurous pioneer


Now a historical landmark The UTSE became the FIRST Restaurant to open in Thamel. And is Kathmandu’s #1 Tibetan Restaurant, taking pride in the food we make and run by family. Hotel UTSE that followed as we moved beyond the restaurant and into the wider scope of the hotel, emphasizing traditional Tibetan hospitality, Quality, tradition and a spirit of adventure have been our

way of life for over 48 years.

We continue to bring to life our passion and our desire for us to be a part of the local community through UTSE Bengaluru, started in 2017 we’ve built our own version of a “boutique” brand, UTSE a place that brings you friendly staff, great prices, loyal patrons and a delicious healthy Himalayan meal for you. So go ahead and find your favourite
Himalayan dish or tuck yourself into a Crash pad+
Enjoy our hot bed for Himalayan culture!

Our Story

We’re really excited to show you the work we’ve passionately carried out to re build this century old hotel into a cultural community centre in the heart of Bengaluru. We bring a Buddhist zen experience within this bustling metro; where traditional Tibetan Buddhist design meets contemporary functions and interiors with an attention to detail that make it a delight to explore. But we'd also like you to think of us as your Bengaluru’s home away from home.

‘Utse’ a swanky hotel inspired by Traditional Tibetan Styling blended with Indian Hospitality with a modern outlook. To Bengalureans, it will not be so much a hotel as a cultural icon.

The Utse Suites is more than a place to eat and sleep. We open our doors to your hearts and minds – especially to those fascinated with the Himalayas and the adventurous spirit. We are the definition of a modern chic boutique hotel and affectionately refer to our differently sized rooms as Crash Pads, Dens and Salons. They are all contemporary, cozy, petite and each one is unique! Every room is outfitted with an original artwork, custom millwork, hardwood floors and tasty treats. Each space has its very own personality and we would love to be told that sleeping with Utse inspires good dreams and unplanned adventures! Packed with personality and are the perfect nook for couples, business folk or visitors just passing through. With a relaxed atmosphere, feel free to chill out, practice a little yoga or soak up the original artwork. All art work and traditional Himalayan wood work provided support our vanishing Himalyan Art and Artisans.

This is based on a concept of a uber-trendy boutique hotel; which means that you get a boutique experience at budget hotel prices.

Amenities consist of multiple on-site dining options with vintage style furniture around every corner, as well as a rooftop patio and parking.

We love the honesty and eclectic nature of Commercial street and Shivajinagar, artists, shopkeepers, diverse neighbors…it truly represents a cultural melting pot. For us this means embracing creativity in all forms – writing, visual and performance art, music, fashion, architecture, design and great culinary experiences.

And so the UTSE dream began. With a team of amazing people, an overdose of passion, enthusiasm and hard work - we spent 2 years creating an environment that allows for the generation of new ideas, experiences and ways of seeing the world around us.

We’ve always appreciated the artist’s aim to inspire and push boundaries, remain non conformist and live a life of frugal decadence. We relate.

In essence, the UTSE is simple fun. Quirky, eclectic, tastefully mis matched, cheeky, open to ideas, lacking in pretense and simple yet complex. We hope you’ll enjoy the cultural community we’ve created. We also hope you stay true to your own passions and dreams.
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